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California Dreamin'
30th-Dec-2010 02:19 pm - Friends Only

Banner credit goes to icon_goddess

She discards her wings and is regarded as broken.
But feathers, not tears, fall to the dusty floor.
Although made mortal, the angel can breathe sweet air again,
and strength can now seep back to her bones.

If, for some reason, you're reading this and you're not on my Friend's list, please comment and I might add you. ^_^
23rd-Aug-2009 02:36 am - WWE #4
Small exposition this time, as I'm already late >.>

When writing, the main idea is to get the reader to see what you're writing on the page. Because of this, we use words and devices that invoke detailed images in the minds of the readers. Good writers can make you literally see what's going on, in your mind's eye.

However, we (as writers in general) get so caught up in painting pictures that we tend to forget about the other senses: sound, touch, taste, and smell. Invoking these others senses can be just as satisfying to the reader as painting Sight can be; some of my favorite passages in books have been words that let me almost feel the same texture the heroine felt ("as her hand ghosted over the rough, frayed hilt of an old dagger, loose ends getting caught between her fingers..." for example). And if you can manage a scene that touches every single one of the five senses without seeming like too much of an info-dump, that's talented writing right there.

Alternatively, a good way to get the reader into the head of a character is using a surprising choice of sense to describe something: tasting sweet blue, smelling the chill cold, touching his tangled thoughts, hearing the loud decor...

Try and use all the different senses to present the same idea, and see what you get out of it.


1) 300 words plzkthx.
2) Title your entries "OPEN" or "POSITIVE ONLY"
3) Have fun~
13th-Aug-2009 10:58 pm - Weekly Writing Exercise, Week 3
Lawl, third week and I'm already late. THREE DOUBLE SHIFTS IN A ROW; REALLY, LIFE?


So. Characterization. There's so, so, so VERY much that surrounds that topic that I can't even put a dent in it here, so, I'm going to pick a slightly narrower sub-topic.

Keep it interesting.Collapse )

THE PROMPT: "He's a scrappy guerilla filmmaker who must take medication to keep him sane. She's a virginal extravagent doctor looking for love in all the wrong places. They fight crime!"

Taken shamelessly from the first random result retrieved here. don't play with it too much and get distracted. Yes this means you.

1) 300 words plzkthx.
2) Title your entries "OPEN" or "POSITIVE ONLY"
3) Have fun~
5th-Aug-2009 11:07 pm - Weekly Writing Exercise, Week 2
Yeah, here's another one :o To note: You don't have to think too hard on answering these. It's supposed to be a quick exercise to make you think, and stretch your creative muscles a little bit. Shouldn't take you too long to flesh a quick idea out.

Should I offer banners or something for participants? I don't want to make this into a contest, but ... ionno. Let's see how this week goes.

Anyway, does anyone else ever have trouble fleshing out certain characters? Like perhaps you have a certain idea in you head of how he should go, but it just doesn't work out on paper?

Lilith Saintcrow has a very interesting article that can help writers overcome roadblocks like these-- namely, observation, and how to do this in real life "un-obnoxiously."

We want to watch people interact in real life situations, because this is how we can make our storybook characters all the more real. But a lot of us live in a society where a wrong look can be easily misinterpreted, and it's polite to keep to oneself. So how can we watch people without being obnoxious?

It's good advice for how to observe people socially without coming across as a mild stalker.Collapse )


THE PROMPT: I've always been able to see them

The RulesCollapse )
29th-Jul-2009 10:26 pm - Weekly Writing Exercise, Week 1
Hot Like Whoa Haruno
So I'll try to have these done every Wed or Tues night, because that tends to be the only guaranteed time I'll have to do it. >_> Y'all have the whole week to respond, though.

So here's the deal for our first-time readers: I'm going to give a prompt, whether in the form of a picture, a color, a quote, or anything, and you're going to write whatever you're inspired to write-- under 300 words. You make up the genre, the Point of View, the setting, the writing style-- original or fanfiction, its all you. Besides the prompt, there will be no other guidelines for submissions. Comment on this entry with your piece, and you'll be opening it up to review and constructive criticism (unless the comment is marked "Positive Only"(See below)) by anyone else that wants to play.

ANYONE can respond. ANYONE can comment on and/or review the responses. I'm making this entry public, so feel free to invite friends to participate and/or review your stuff.

Some light guidelinesCollapse )

And now, THE PROMPT:

SourceCollapse )
13th-Feb-2007 11:38 pm - iPod Drama
KH- Way it used to Be
I had a little drama and a wonderful reunion with an old friend today, affectionately called my ancient iPod. For the long version of the story, click the cut. Short version is courtesy of mah sissy.

Teh Short:
iPod: Hey man, what's up?
iTunes: Hey.... Do I know you?
iTunes: That's harsh bro.
iPod: I know. So I've been a little emo since then.
iTunes: I feel ya man.
iPod: I suppose anyone would.
iTunes: No man I feel you. We're like connected now.
iPod: No shit?
iTunes: No shit.
iPod: Wow. Maybe I won't be such a dick to my neglectful owner now.
iTunes: Word.

Teh Long:
Sephiroth's the magic word!Collapse )

Updates tomorrow on iPod Drama. Stay tuned.
26th-Jan-2007 03:28 pm - SAVE ME.
Okay so... I seriously need help.

With my homework.

I need a topid for a paper. I've been researching and mooshing my brain trying to find something but I got nada.

We have to pick a paper topic for my history class and I'm absolutely clueless. The topic has to be something debateable-- I.E. there's evidence for both sides of the discussion-- and it has to be between 1750 and 1917.

The guidelines are to pick a topic which "identifies a specific region and/or culture which either engaged in or experienced colonial control or influence."

We then have to answer one of five questions:

1) Why did (or did not) the colonized culture adopt particular Enlightenment ideas?
2) How did the non-indigenous presence transform or alter the indigenous culture's relationship with it's natural environment?
3) How did the introduction of non-indigenous values or ideas have an impact on the indigenous people's relationship with its own traditions?
4) How did the introduction of new technology impact the relationship of the indigenous people to the governing group?
5) How did the colonial or imperialist experience cause the colonizing/imperialist country to reconsider itself as an "enlightened civilization?"

Originally, my topic was going to be on the American Colonies and Britain-- how they adopted enlightenment ideas to explain why it was their right to break away from Britain. The debate was going to be over whether they used these englightenment ideas as merely excuses so they could get what they wanted or if it was a true revolution and built on solid beliefs.


Stupid liberalist bastards. -.-

So now I've been looking through other parts of the world and while I can find other colonies just fine, it's hard finding a debate topic for them. I'd love to do Ghandi but he doesn't fit the required time period. Britain and Australia caught my interest but I couldn't find anything Scholars were debating about with that history and plus I didn't know how to tie in enlightenment ideas. Then I thought England and India-- maybe something to do with the Indian Mutiny??-- but again, I can't find something to seriously debate. Also it's hard to tie in Enlightenment in India during that time period.

So. *whimper.* Help me. Please.
15th-Oct-2006 07:25 pm(ununique)
Kingdom Hearts Icons!

(23) KH Icons
(3) Bases

1 2 3

Photoshop owns my lifeCollapse )
20th-Sep-2006 12:01 pm - Kingdom_100 Claim
I suppose this will mean I am a true heretic. I wonder if I'll ever actually finish 100 fic entries? o.o

Am I insane?Collapse )
21st-Aug-2006 05:08 pm - Dork Level Four
Axel-Walk away

Need I say more? ^^

Story of a Nobody, Part Four


...Apparently there's going to be more than five parts though. *Ker-thunk.* This was by far the longest.

Part One Is Here
Part Two Is Here
Part Three Is Here

I need another Axel icon for moments like these.
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